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We provide two Consultation options for Therapists wanting to enhance their work with couples. One option includes viewing a 20 minute video recorded portion of your work with a couple. The remaining time will be devoted to feedback about your work, both what we liked and also what suggestions to consider in your future work with this couple. For telephone consultation, you will send us a 20 minute video clip of your work with a couple which we will view in private. Then you will call us at a specified time and we will provide of feedback of your work.

A second option is to receive consultation in a traditional format, where you verbally provide information about a case and then receive feedback (no video recording). Both formats follow the Imago Consultation model.

Who May Benefit From These Consultation Sessions

Any therapist interested in enhancing their work with couples will benefit from these consultation sessions. We will guide you in deepening your couples therapy sessions by giving you tools to enrich the process. All therapists may benefit from the Imago Therapy process, and we invite seasoned therapists and new therapists to participate in these sessions.

What You Will Learn

You will learn the Imago Dialogue process, how to identify the stage of developmental wounding, how to work with the character defenses resulting from the developmental wounding, the difference in minimizing and maximizing energy, how to create a safe structure and frame for healing, and how to re-romanticize the relationship.

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