The Path to Wholeness and Connection

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The Path To Wholeness And Connection*
Advanced Couples Workshop

January 23-24, 2016
*You must attend a Getting The Love You Want workshop prior to attending this advanced workshop.

Same-Sex Couples Welcome Too!
This Workshop
is based on
the Theory of
Dr. Harville Hendrix.

Cost per Couple, $757

What's The Next Step On Your Relationship Journey?

You've Completed the "Getting The Love You Want" couples workshop. SmallCheckMark photo check-marksmall.jpg

You understand the Mystery of the 3 Relationship Stages. SmallCheckMark photo check-marksmall.jpg

You've Reframed relationship Conflict as an opportunity for Growth and Healing. SmallCheckMark photo check-marksmall.jpg

You understand how Dialogue works, moving you out of Conflict and into Connection. SmallCheckMark photo check-marksmall.jpg

And even with your new Knowledge and Skills on board you still find yourself reacting Defensively when Triggered.

You notice that your defenses are Blocking you from Deep Connection with your partner.

And you wonder if your defenses are blocking you from experiencing your original Wholeness and Aliveness.

If this describes where you are on your journey today...CONGRATULATIONS! You have just found the workshop that will help you Identify and Remove your Blocks to Personal Wholeness and Relationship Connection.

Welcome To The Next Step On Your Journey! 

The Journey

In the "Getting The Love You Want" workshop you learned that your relationship journey will guide you back to your original wholeness, full potential, and aliveness. To rediscover the person you were born to be you must fully embrace the journey. You've likely discovered that your reactivity and defenses are blocking your progress along the way. You repeatedly bump up against the same challenge. You react the same way. Your progress slows down. You feel blocked.

What Are These Blocks?

The short answer? Your defenses. Your defenses served an important purpose during childhood. They helped you survive the socialization process. They also blocked your infant brain from becoming overwhelmed by internal bad feelings and external threats. Because your defenses formed early in life, they are some of the deepest, most familiar patterns in your brain. Today, your child brain believes that eliminating your defenses will result in death. So, when you become triggered by your partner and shift into your fight or flight child-brain, what are the only options available to you at that time? Your childhood defenses of course!

Removing The Blocks

This may be the hardest and yet most liberating work you will ever experience. If you remove the blocks that you encounter as you progress on your relationship journey, something amazing will happen. You will receive two beautiful gifts, one relational and one personal. The relational gift will be a deeper level of connection and intimacy with your partner. And the personal gift will come when you reconnect with your original wholeness, aliveness, and potential.

The Process

Don't worry! We won't ask you to completely remove your defenses. That would be impossible now anyway since the old patterns are practically hard-wired into your child-brain. Besides, those old defenses may come in handy someday if you encounter a life threatening event. Removing the blocks to wholeness and connection really means you will be establishing new patterns in your brain. In essence, you will be moving your relationship out of your child-brain and into your adult-brain. This shift will help you complete your growing up process and help you to experience relational maturity.

The Benefits

Shifting your relationship into your adult brain opens the door to unlimited possibilities. You will feel alive and happy as you step away from the immature defensive patterns that were holding you back. You will feel energized as you move into your full potential.

In this workshop, you will become aware of 2 parts of yourself that have been buried deep in your unconscious old brain. When you discover and the reconnect with these buried parts, you will finally begin to feel whole, complete, and open.

Are you ready to Reconnect with the person you were Born To Be?
Are you ready to Step Into your Full Potential?
Are you ready to feel Energized and Happy?
Are you ready for your Adult Brain to Run the Show?
Are you ready to experience Deeper levels of Intimacy and Connection with your Partner?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions ... REGISTER TODAY.  This Is Your Workshop!


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